The Mongers

The Mongers

As a church we have longstanding connections with Tanzania. The Monger family have been working in Tanzania since 2010 with Emmanuel International.

The Mongers work with indigenous churches on a wide range of projects. These include fuel-efficient cooking, conservation agriculture, beekeeping, health & nutrition, whole-life discipleship, preaching and training new church pastors. They have also set up some micro-enterprise projects. These help people to develop ways of earning a living to lift them out of their poverty.

Rachel keeps busy with  Under the Same Sun as well. She works with mothers of children with albinism, who are largely ostracised by their communities. Rachel’s work to build community and Christian discipleship among them makes a significant difference to their lives. At the same time it helps them to develop ways to earn a living.

The Mongers approach their work from a conviction that God is interested in the whole of our lives. Therefore they integrate all of these practical projects with a concern for people’s spiritual well-being and growth.

As a church we continue to support them with prayer, financial support and special one-off projects. These include funding Bibles for the various groups they work with and one-off needs. We also take teams to visit them every couple of years, keeping us in touch with what they are doing and demonstrating our continuing support for them.

You can read more about their work on the What’s cookin’ in Tanzania? blog.

The Dixons

Amy and Matt Dixon and family, currently in Tanzania working for Africa Inland Mission.

Overseas Trips

Trips overseas to support tour overseas workers and to learn from other cultures.



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