Four Baptised on 20th January

On Sunday 20th January we had the great privilege of baptising four people who had come to express their faith in Jesus Christ publicly. About eighty people gathered to watch the baptisms and to celebrate with the four young people being baptised.

It was a great celebration, and those listening were really encouraged to hear the stories of how each of the four had come to believe in Jesus Christ. Commenting on the day Greg Whittick, Pastor of Community Church Tadley, said, “It was wonderful to hear of the different ways in which people are still coming to faith in our own day and age and in our own town of Tadley.”

Baptism is an outward sign of what we believe, and has, for centuries, been the way in which Christians have publicly expressed their faith in Jesus Christ. For us it isn’t about joining a particular church, but is a symbol of the change that has occurred within us. In our church we practice baptism by full immersion in water, so you have to know you want to be baptised before going ahead with it!


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