Current Safety Guidelines for Services

Return to ‘In-Person’ Services

We are so grateful that we can come back together to worship on Sundays, however, we need to be sure that we create a safe environment for all who wish to attend. We all need to be mindful of others in the room, whether they are known to us, or visitors on the day.

Therefore, we wanted to remind you that we still need to exercise caution at this time.

Use of Facemasks and Sanitisation

Please remember to bring facemasks and use them in communal areas. Please check in to the centre either by using your phone to scan the QR code, or by allowing your name to be taken for the purpose of confirming attendance. Please do use the gel/spray on your hands as you come in.

Flexible to Your Needs

We have provided wristbands (red: please observe social distancing; amber: ok to chat but no hugs please; green: fine with hugs), which will help you signal to others your preferred social interaction, but also look out for the preference of others too.

After the service, please do not stay in the room, but use the one-way route to exit the church. If you want to socialise, then continue conversations outdoors, perhaps in the car park. The only ones remaining in the room should be those packing up instruments, cables, chairs and tables.

If you are in the room and would like more space, then please feel free to move the chairs to where you would prefer to sit. We will also place chairs towards the back of the congregation, at a greater distance from each other, to maximise the room available if you would be more comfortable with this.

Choose Your Preferred Location

Although we are now allowed to sing without face masks, this is still a personal choice – if you’d rather keep your facemask on the entire time, this is completely fine! Again, toward the back of the hall might be your preferred space as you are less likely to have people behind you who have chosen not to wear face masks.
Everyone should feel welcome and safe in Community Church Tadley. Let’s make sure that we’re doing our best to help this happen. Thank you.

Subject to Change

We will continue to review these measures in light of government and community centre guidelines, as well as the overall levels of infection in our area.


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